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Best non-judgemental view of White Sox baseball

Pretty much an avid listener. I like the fact that the guys speak their mind and aren't afraid to throw some shade at the front office.

Thank You

Thank you for telling the truth on the White Sox front office. The Sox are going to forego another year of a winning window because the owner doesn't want to spend more to make the team competitive. They are planning to put a team on the field that is not as good as the year before, and we all know how this year ended. Then they want us to believe that they will win a world series next year.

Excellent show

I’ve been listening to Sox in the Basement for 2 years now and look forward to every single episode. Chris has a great program. Screw the corporate podcast! This by far beats every other Sox radio program out there. Keep up the great work guys.

The Pope

The Pope sounds a lot like Rocky Balboa. Great interview.

Is this where Mike North ended up??

Sounds like a close impression :-| But seriously, I love the passion and pale hose info


Just like hanging out and talking about the Sox with your buddies. Look forward to every new podcast. Thanks for doing this Chris and Ed.

Sox fans delight

This is for Sox fans by a Sox fan which is why it’s so authentic. Well worth listening to.


Some people can’t handle honest opinions so the show might not be for everyone. Stay away if you are overly sensitive (and maybe think about becoming a Cubs fan)

#1 White Sox podcast

Great, clean show for Sox fans. Very knowledgeable and detailed.

Great Sox pod

Top-notch analysis and commentary. Herb is the man.

Go Sox!

Long time listener, first-time reviewer. Love this one!


I’ve been a listener for about a year now, listened and caught myself getting excited over a simulated white Sox game that went to the 13th just to lose the game, love what you 2 do, my question is if we had Fernando tatis how would our starting roster look

One of the best!

I’ve got a couple of must listen weekly podcasts that I look forward to and this is definitely one of them! Sound quality is perfect, knowledge of the team is perfect. Few laughs, few beers. 30 minutes of Good!

One of the best —

This podcast is the perfect counterpoint to the corporate broadcast. These guys aren’t afraid to talk about things that we don’t get to hear from the front office.

White Sox podcast for the South Sider

Great Sox podcast that isn’t afraid to criticize our beloved pale hose.... it’s a must listen!

Very entertaining

Harry Caray & Jimmy Piersall for this century

2020 or Bust

Great podcast guys!!


Real SouthSider vibes.

Great Sox podcast for true fans!!

Honest, informative, and passionate! As real as it gets. Keep it up guys!!

Excellent show

The guys do a great job dissecting the team and staying on topic. Great knowledge for White Sox teams!

A real Sox fans podcast!

This is not some “sponsored” podcast from MLB or the Sox. So you get honest/ critical reactions about a team that’s fan base needs it! Sox in the Basement is often more entertaining then the team! Thank you Chris and crew for putting on a perfect game of a show!

Great listen!

Other than the pre-and post game shows this is where I come for Sox news! 670 the chore and espn 1000 seem to forget their are two baseball teams. Keep up the great work! Go Sox!

Go go White Sox!

Love the pod, good insight. Feel like I’m sitting at the bar with you guys talking about the team!

From one Southsider to another

You guys do an excellent job. I tune every week to hear all the craziness. Keep up the good work. Go Sox!

Great podcast!

Perfect length with mix of humor and analysis. Keep up the good work, guys!

Great White Sox podcast

Funny banter, in-depth news, and pointed commentary all here.

THE White Sox podcast

Well done knowledgeable Sox fans talking about our team from their basement. It’s just like sitting around with friends. Good time to get onboard. Recent guests include Ron Kittle & Jason Benetti. Listen; you’ll be glad you did! Plus, the ending song will stick in your head for hours, LOL

Legit Fans

Sports radio quality production with the raw intensity of true fans. You’d be hard pressed to find more passionate fans.

A podcast for the common Sox fan

Great job, better discussions and reporting on the Sox then 670thescore. Looking forward to every new episode

I like it.

I really do.